Thursday, 3 August 2017

Archeology at Auchindrain

Digging, Living and Making Friends with the Past

For two weeks I'm working with Auchindrain, DigIt2017, X-change Scotland and others.

Our mission is to work with Local, Semi-local and French participants to start researching two previously undisturbed ruined buildings.

We are not sure what they were used for and are hoping to find some clues to determine a theory.

Two archeologists are walking us through digging a sample trench and checking layers as we go.

There is a lot of dirt and as this is Scotland, this means a lot of mud after the rain. However our participants are a bunch of troopers and have been working hard in all weathers.

Most of them with smiles on their faces ☺

There have been a lot of finds...

With some gems among them.

More from Me about this later

From the fields of Auchindrain


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